Shuffling wallpaper engine

Bitmado is a shuffling wallpaper engine for your Android device. Just select bitmado as your live wallpaper. If you want to specify your interests, choose a few mados. Your wallpapers will shuffle throughout the day.

What's a mado? A mado is a category of similar photos. When sharing a photo, you can choose a popular mado or just make up your own.

To get the full bitmado experience, just log in using Google+ or Facebook. Don't worry, we won't spam your friends or post anything without your permission.

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Your Vote Counts

Thanks to bitmado's patented technology, the more people participate, the better bitmado becomes. Just vote, bump, and share photos. Bumps are earned by voting and sharing.


Don't like an image? Give it a downvote and it won't appear on your wallpaper.


Everyone loves puppies. It's like instant upvotes. When you see a photo you like, upvote it!


Think a photo deserves more exposure? Just bump it! A bump helps promote an image.


By default, you'll follow the top rated wallpapers across all of bitmado, but you can always choose which mados you want as your wallpaper. The more mados you choose, the greater variety of images you'll see on your homescreen.

You can also customize the amount of images, frequency of change, and type of images. You have total control.

Coming soon

Follow your friends

You'll be able to seamlessly share your uploads and follow your friends. Don't worry, you have complete control over your Timeline. Bitmado will not post anything without your permission.

Play on the Web

It doesn't matter if you're on your phone or laptop, you can participate either way. Everything you do on ultimately affects your wallpaper experience on your Android.

bitmado icon bitmado the front page of mobileDownload it now